About Junior Productions

Junior Productions is a young, indie production company with a passion for creating short-form comedy and drama; everything from short films to live sketch shows.

Founded in 2017 by writer, director and comedy nerd Joseph Reaney, its productions have already scooped a host of industry awards, including at Top Shorts, The Monthly Film Festival, DMOFF and the East Coast Film Festival for The Man Who Stopped and at the Hollywood Just4Shorts Script Competition for Today's the Day.

We're committed to creating original and innovative short-form content. We put quality writing at the heart of everything we do.

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Joseph Reaney

Joseph Reaney is an award-winning scriptwriter and director. He is also the founder of Junior Productions.

As well as writing and directing short film and live theatre projects, he's also written sketch comedy for BBC Radio 4 Extra, an award-nominated comedy-drama play for Artfelt Theatre and the sketch show The Chop House for Kooba Radio and NTS Live. Current projects include sketch show Birds and short film White Lines.

When he isn't writing for screen or stage, he's a freelance travel journalist and editor. You'll find his work in publications including The Guardian, The New York Times, National Geographic, Forbes Magazine, USA Today and The Independent, and he's the editor-in-chief of the travel content writing agency World Words.

Find out more about Joseph on his website.